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While the PERMOX brand of Novolac Epoxy has been used to line domestic sewer pipe for over forty years, it is from that chemistry and experience that PERMOX CTF™ has been both developed and extensively tested. PERMOX was originally used as an alternate in specifications for many years to a polyamide coal tar epoxy for concrete and ductile iron pipe. These products called for the dry film thickness (DFT) of the lining to be 24 mils.

As technology advanced, pipe manufacturers started using polyethylene linings at 40 mils DFT. However, the product had problems with adhesion and undercutting of the film from corrosion. Eventually, polyurethane linings at 40 mils DFT followed. Not only did this product have application and adhesion issues, it also posed health and environmental concerns.

Later came a more chemical resistant lining which is the coal tar novolac epoxy lining with ceramic fillers applied at 40 mils DFT. The novolac resin replaced the polyamide resin in the prior product while the polyethylene and the polyurethane linings fell out of favor.

The coal tar based ceramic novolac epoxy standard was much less expensive than the original PERMOX novolac epoxy. As technology progressed, non-coal tar based ceramic novolac epoxies became more competitive. PERMOX CTF™ is a coal tar free ceramic novolac epoxy containing zero HAPS and contains less than 0.2 lbs/gal of VOC becoming the environmental friendly alternative.

The standard ceramic novolac coal tar epoxy used in domestic sewer lining specifications is based on a performance standard – not a particular product. PERMOX CTF™ is a ceramic novolac epoxy which meets and exceeds this performance test data without the inclusion of coal tar resin.

The original PERMOX brand has been used to line the equivalent of 155 miles of 12″ diameter pipe. Since 2008, PERMOX CTF™ has been used to line millions of linear feet of domestic ductile iron pipe. With the largest “green” domestic sewer installation history of pipe and fittings ranging from 4” to 54”, PERMOX CTF™ has an unblemished installation record.

PERMOX CTF™ is being specified by numerous engineering firms and utilities. From small consulting engineers to global multi-discipline engineering firms, they all recognize the benefits of upgrading their specifications to PERMOX CTF™. Eliminating PAH’s and HAPS from the lining is the right thing to do and going with PERMOX CTF™ is the right way to do it.